You don’t own a classic boat because you want to, or because you need to. You own a classic boat because you have to! And that’s what Mahogany & Chrome® is all about.

Mahogany & Chrome® is a fresh, outdoor adventure television series that takes viewers into the aspirational world of classic, vintage power boats. Join Host Tyler Harcott for rides in the rarest boats, tour seldom seen private collections, meet skilled boat restorers and builders, and celebrate the recreational boating lifestyle on the most beautiful waterfront destinations in North America. 

With a perfect balance of elegance and horsepower, hands-on and history, and the hunt for the next rare barn find or hot vacation destination, Mahogany & Chrome® appeals to a broad audience with a passion for adventure, exquisite craftsmanship, and the finer things in life.


Sponsored by ACBS

Sponsored by ACBS

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